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QI Adenoma Detection Rate

Adenoma Detection Rate (ADR)

    ADR is defined as the number of patients with at least one adenoma polyp (pre-cancerous) detected during a screening colonoscopy.

  • ADR gives an indication of the thoroughness of the exam.
  • Higher ADR is associated with significant protection against colorectal cancer in the five years following a screening colonoscopy.
  • ASGE (American Society of Gastrointestinal Endoscopy) recommends that ADR be at least 25% in men and 15% in women.
  • Currently at the Iowa Endoscopy Center (IEC) the ADR is 32.9% for men and 21.53% for women.
  • This data indicates the skill and professionalism of the physicians at IEC.

Male (>= 50 Years)

Female (>=50 Years)