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FAQ’s Sedation


What to expect regarding your procedure sedation.

What type of sedation will I receive for my procedure?

Iowa Endoscopy Center physicians administer conscious or moderate sedation. Conscious or moderate sedation is medicine used for your procedure to help you feel relaxed, calm and extremely drowsy. The sedation also helps in the reduction of pain and anxiety during the procedure. Typically, you will remember little to none of the procedure. You should not drive, drink alcohol, use machinery or sign legal documents for 24 hours after receiving sedation.

May I request not to have any sedation for my procedure?

Yes. You may request that no sedation be administered for your procedure. However, the final determination will be made by your procedure physician. You will still have an IV line placed for your safety.

Will I receive any other medication before my procedure?

No – not usually. However, if you tell us that you have a history of nausea or vomiting with sedation or anesthetic medications, we may administer an anti-nausea medication.

Why must I refrain from eating and/or drinking prior to my procedure?

It is important to refrain from eating and/or drinking prior to your procedure in order to prevent the risk of aspiration (a lung complication related to vomiting) during your procedure. This complication may be very serious. Specific instructions will be provided to you prior to your procedure. It is very important you follow the provided instructions.

If you do not, your procedure may be delayed or cancelled.